Terms of Service

1. applicability

For requests that are placed via the contact form the following Terms of Service apply.

2. affiliates / contract signing

The contract is concluded with Tobias Lück (Wildspotworks).
The prices shown on this website are requests without engagement, individual prices may vary, depending on the work expanse. Sending the contact form is a request without engagement. A binding agreement is made afterwards if both parties agree on the price.
I reserve the right to decline requests.

3. Contract Language, Contract storage

Valid for the Contract are the languages german and english.
The Contract is non-digital and will be stored by Tobias Lück/ Wildspotworks

4. Terms of Shipment

In addition to nomal costs, shipping-costs will occur. These are depending on the amount of ordered material and the country of the customer.
Picking up the order manually is possible.
I don't deliver to packing-stations.

5. Payment

The Payment of the order will be 50% at the beginning of the work, as long as nothing else is agreed.

Payment can be made via:

The payment will be paid via Paypal-Invoice.

The payment will be paid via Giro-transfer.

6. Warranty

The warranty is applicable by the german warranty-law.
Any huge alterations on the product may void your warranty. Small repairs do not void the warranty.