Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does a costume cost and how do you calculate the price?

A: The price comes together from material and working hours; the more effort I put into it, the more expensive it'll get. You'll get a rough idea on my pricing page.

Q: How can I order?

A: If I am open for comissions (that's usually advertised on the front page, but you can always ask), feel free to fill out the the price calculator and submit it to me. I'll get back at you as soon as possible. Please note that I reserve the right to decline requests.

Q: When are you open for comissions?

A: Usually as soon as I have finished my current projects - I will announce the dates on my Twitter account and on FurAffinity.

Q: What sort of payment do you accept?

A: If you order from Germany, I'd prefer bank transfer. Otherwise you can pay via PayPal.

Q: What kind of materials are you using?

A: For the costumes I use high-quality faux fur and a 3D-printed nylon head base.

Q: Why do you use expansive 3D Printing for the head?

A: Simply because of its' advantages: I can design the head base according to the customer's desire and even render a small 3D preview of how the suit will look like. Furthermore, the base is very light, provides good accoustic properties and won't heat you up as much as a foam or resin base.

Q: My Costume got dirty - How can I wash it?

A: Please see the information page "Care Guide" about what you can and shouldn't do about it.

Q: Something is broken, how do I get it fixed?

A: Since the whole suit is handmade there's nothing one cannot repair. I'll fix things to a certain extend, depending on the nature of the issue. Please contact me on any way to work something out.