Price Estimation

Usually my Fursuit Prices calculate from different factors, however the most influence here is the time. A good costume needs time and the more precise you work the more time it will take. So the prices here are rough estimations and can help you finding out how much money it will cost to order a Fursuit. For the final price we need to talk about the details of course.

If you want some special things at your suit like "claws made out of fake leather" or something feel free to inform me. A Fursuit is a highly individual piece of art which means there are a lot things we can do to fit your preferences.

If you are reading this on a mobile device the site will most likely display without images- which can help to display the differneces of each option. You can circumvent this by viewing it as a desktop-site - however if you are familiar with the differences between digitigrade and plantigrade fursuits you might not need this.


Paws (Gloves)

Feet (Shoes) - Size


TOTAL: ???

Please Note that the final price is an estimation and orientation which leads to my contact form. Sending the Contact form is just a way of contacting me and no agreement of any purchase.